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  1. Vajrin says:

    Hi Manjuvajra, 
    In response to “Householders, Monks and Yogis” speaking as the ‘opposition’, I agree with you. The householder life is not at all easily conducive to spiritual practice and one can readily fool oneself in a sort of ‘post-hoc’ justification. I gave a talk at the men’s convention a few years ago on “Working in the World” which is on the web

    . This may interest you as I attempted to cover some of the themes raised in your article, but from the perspective of a ‘householder’ Dharma practitioner. Given that many of us choose this lifestyle, it’s important to see how one can weave in practice into busy lives, yet also be honest about the inevitable disadvatages. There are advantages also I believe – being rooted in the world can generate an outward-looking compassionate heart – but not always!

    Thanks for penning this debate. I suspect that the pendulum has swung too far away from Going Forth – certainly an area for improvement for me. Best wishes, Vajrin

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