Welcome to The Radical Buddhist

This project started out as an idea for a newsletter promoting a particular approach to Buddhism.  Wanting somewhere to make past newsletters available I set up the website/blog and realized that it could also host articles, book reviews, reference material and more.  Although the site is devoted to the promotion of a particular voice and it is not a public forum, I hope that others will lend support to this project  through the comments pages.

Buddhism has been interacting with Western culture for over a hundred years and while it has had some small influence on Western culture, it is also true that Western values are in fact reshaping Buddhism.  Some might say that this development is to be welcomed, but it is also true that the very things that Western culture values, many of which are indeed valuable in their own way, can in fact eclipse the essential nature of the Dharma.

I felt a need to give voice to what has inspired me about Buddhism over the last half century – especially in the case of traditional teachings that I felt were being underestimated, eclipsed, or even rejected as non-Buddhist – but also to question some aspects of Buddhism that seems to need re-appraisal in the light of modern insights.

I know that I am not alone in my desire to promote what I have, for need of some term, called Radical Buddhism. Articles, book reviews, source materials, and more will be added as the site develops. And….please add any comments you may have on the relevant posts or else on the comments page.

May all Beings be well and truly happy

The header image, adapted from a painting by Yintuoluo (1296 -1370), Tokyo National Museum, is of the two poet monks Han-shan and Shi-de

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